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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Born Pretty Store review: #19368 stamping plate

Today, I have for you some cute stamping nail art!

These are really fun to use. I recieved this stamping plate from www.bornprettystore.com to review.

I love how the plates have 21 images for you to choose from. They're all so cute and easy to use! Especially, if you have a good top coat and a great stamping head to pick up the image with!

I chose to use @p2cosmetics_us Mauve Mist in 2 buttery coats + Volume+Shine top coat = 😍💕 as my base.

What better than to use a cute heart nail stamping image than @bornprettynail stamping plate BP-L013 item #19368 to use over the cute chrome pink polish?

I had no issue with this plate at all. It picked up great with my old and new stamping head that was sent for review.

If you find yourself wanting this plate. Head over to www.bornprettystore.com & search for this item #19368.

And don't forget to use my code (RAEQ10) for a 10% off on all regular priced items.




Tuesday, June 5, 2018

🎈Born Pretty Store🎉new series🎉debut🎉June 6th, 2018🎈

Who's excited about😬😁 www.bornprettystore.com?! They're having their new series debut🎉tomorrow!

👀Check out my swatch of this gorgeous💛3D Magnetic Aurora Series nail lacquer called 'Fairbanks Art' (BP-MA05) #42398 ~ it's one of many of the new💅pretties that'll debut tomorrow.

I cannot wait to see what else they have in store online! Though I've seen a few new posts from my friends pages with their new polishes etc.. I still can't wait to see what else they have to show us! ☺

Will you be in tune for the debut? If so, be sure to have my 10% code :💛(RAEQ10)💛 ready to use at the end of your purchase!




Friday, April 20, 2018

Influencester & Success Rice review

I recieved this product for free from @influenster, @successrice 10 minute Boil-in-Bag 100% Tri-Color Quinoa.

I decided to make mine for breakfast. I wanted something sweet and warm for an early breakfast to snack on.

Here, I used:

1 cup of vanilla almond milk
1tbs maple syrup
1tsp cinnamon
1 cup of quinoa.

I served it warm with some mini chocolate chips & sliced almonds.

I also love how it can be easily store this in a plastic container for later. Though, it was quickly eaten by my 5 year old as soon as he had gotten home from school this evening.

I can't wait to give quinoa another try for a savory side dish!

#EasySuccessQuinoa #Contest #Complimentary @Influenster @SuccessRice

*Born Pretty Store Review: #41980 Chameleon Rainbow Stainless Steel Triangle Nail Remover Tool & #41596 Cotton Tin Foil Nail Remover Wraps


I have two items to review from @bornprettynail. Keep on reading to know what I though about them and to view a tiny snippet of how I used the beautiful chameleon rainbow stainless steel triangle head tool to remove my gel manicure. 

**Please, note: I had on Born Pretty Store Peel Off Base Coat. So, it was much easier to come off in bigger pieces as I had soaked my nails with pure acetone + the cotton tin foil wraps. 😉

First up, I tested out the tin foil remover cotton pads to help remove my gel manicure with some pure acetone. Mind you, I used 100% pure acetone. I also had used Born Pretty Store "Peel Off Primer Gel Polish Base Coat" #41008 as my base foundation prior to a solid gel polish color for an easy removal. Soak off time with the pure acetone and cotton pads took no time to remove them. All I had to do were these few easy steps to remove my gel.

1. With an 100/180 grit coarse nail filer, scrape the entire layer of gel polish to help make gel removal time easy.
2. Add pure acetone to tin foil cotton wrap pads and wrap it on the nail.
3. Wait for 5+ minutes till the gel loosens up.
4. Take the Chameleon Rainbow Stainless Steel Triangle Remover Tool to softly scrape off access of the gel off the nail.
5. Repeat steps 2 & 3 if needed to help loosen gel more.
6. Once, gel is safely removed. Take a nail buffer to buff off the nail bed.
7. Use cuticle oil and lotion to hydrate the nail and cuticles.
8. You're finished!

I found the chameleon gel remover tool easy to work with. The triangle end that helps scrape off the gel polish is not sharp nor too thin to cut or slice through the nail. It very well helped remove the gel off my nail safely. Just as long as you do not have a heavy hand, you will be just fine removing gel with this nail tool.

Would I recommend this item?
Yes, I would! I love this item just as much as the wooden orange stick! This took can help remove any parts of the gel that is tough to remove that the stick couldn't get to budge!

Here, I have the two links for these two items for you to purchase! Take a look and get one if you are in need of a good gel removing tool. Whats great is that www.bornprettystore.com has free shipping WORLD WIDE!! 

The cotton tin foil remover wraps were a tiny bit too small for my fingers. Nonetheless, they still work great for a regular removal for regular nail polish. I would not recommend to use for gel remover unless you have tiny fingers. As for me, I have fat sausage fingers.. BOO.. haha!

Psss! Don't forget to use my 10% code: (RAEQ10) to take off on all regular priced items!

Have a good night everyone!


Saturday, March 17, 2018

☆Born Pretty Store review: (#41842 - **Shade BP-02**) 10ml BORN PRETTY Peacock Chameleon Holographic Gel Soak Off Manicure Nail Art Gel Polish

This gel polish is friggin purdy AF y'all.
Check out👀the multichrome shift along with the holo glitter and flakies.
Shown here, 3 coats of this beauty with no undie base.

This gel is pretty! When I saw this beauty, it didn't cross my mind til afterwards to use a black gel for the base.. I got too excited and started to paint my nails with this mesmerizing beauty. HAHA! It applied so well and it is one true sparkly bottle of a goodie gel.

You should get one or the entire collection!!
Check out the link below and don't forget to use my 10% code off on all regular priced items with my at www.bornprettystore.com 💋

💅10ml BORN PRETTY Peacock Chameleon Holographic Gel Soak Off Manicure Nail Art Gel Polish (item #41842)

**Shade: (BP - 02)

Always remember to use a bonder before applying the base gel foundation for a strong, long lasting mani then apply your preffered gel color to save your natural nails!

Another tip is to cure under an UV/LED in between coats starting from the bonder all the way down to the base + color gels! 😁😚💖

💋Use code: (RAEQ10) at www.bornprettystore.com for a 10% off on all regular priced items.

Happy paintings!!

IG: www.instagram.com/mai.painted.nails

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

☆Born Pretty Store #41516 + V-DAY NAIL ART & Madam Glam (Barbie Girl) Gel polish

Hello Everyone,
Valentine's Day Is Right Around the corner! I have this pink gel manicure to share with you.

I used 'Barbie Girl' from @madamglam www.madamglam.com ~ I pink I'm in love💗..😍

•Laser Nail Flakies (style #5)

••(BP-L016) Stamping plate
💅Use Code: (RAEQ10) to take 10% off on all regular priced items at www.bornprettystore.com

I tried to get fancy by using @daily_charme Stay Put Gelly over the hearts to make them look like puffy stickers. 🙈😁

•@dripdropnailpaint Tighty Whities & Yoga Pants Nail Polish for stamping.


☆Born Pretty Store review: #41562 Holo four angle stars multi color Decorations

It's pretty much still the beginning of 2018. So,😁I wanna wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year!! 🎉🙊
I love love L😍VE this electric blue that I received in my @ipsy bag of @prettywomannyc💙'Johnny's Angels'💙.

These Adorable multi color four angle stars nail decos are from www.bornprettystore.com They're SO Easy To Use! They may be thin but they were a bit lifting up so I had to add about 2-3 coats of a top coat to seal them in. They Would Peak Up And Snag On Your Hair Etc But It's Easy To Take A Toothpick Too Push Down The four sides down before adding a top coat.

I simply chose these to review bc they are holo and they shimmer 😍😍😍💖. Loved The Variety Of colors that are in the container. Lol, I couldn't contain myself when I also shot a tiny clip from my instagram (boomerang) app. I'll Attach Photos ANd as for the clip for you to see.. It's Gorgeous!! 😍💖 BUT you're going to need to come see it on www.instagram.com/mai.painted.nails account! 😁😙😙😙

Seriously, Check This product out! The Link Is Down Below For Ya! 😁

💘Also, Use My Code: (RAEQ10) To take off a ten percent on all regular priced items with my code at www.bornprettystore.com!💋