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Sunday, August 11, 2019

BPS review: (#45859) Harunouta Rectangle Nail Art Stamping Plates Stainless Steel Natural Image Nail Stamp Stencil L072

Born Pretty Store kindly sent me another stamping plate to review.
Harunouta Rectangle Nail Art Stamping Plates Stainless Steel Natural Image Nail Stamp Stencil L072
# 45859 USD $2.59
This pate is SO pretty guys!
I paired it with the most prettiest indie nail polish! It's shifty and a blurple too... The stamping goes so well with this nail polish.. Scroll down to check the shots out.
You can find this gem at:

*note: ^^I made a typo on the photo of the stamping plate^^. This plate is(L072)✅.. 🚫NOT (L074)❌

Nail polish color is by one of my favorite indie polish makers
Polish For Days

This nail polish is so shifty..
Don't mind me sharing a few shots because you will be able to see the shifts!
I thought this nail polish was fitting for this stamping plate.

(stamping polishes)
• e-tronica
• psychedelic stereo
• lunar lines
• Smudge Free Top Coat

Use my affiliate code ( MPN10 ) for a 10% off on your purchase at:
⬇️ http://www.maniology.com?rfsn=2274413.3373dbc&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=2274413.3373dbc

Polish For Days

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- Mai

BPS review: (#46502-4) (gold silver) UR SUGAR 8ml Sparkling Stamping Gel Gold Silver Soak Off UV Gel Polish for Stamp Template Stencil

Looking to try something new for stamping?

This is my first stamping gel to try on stamping nail art.
It is something for me because it was trial and error for me for the first 4x's. lol
But I got the hang of it.

This first shot you may not be able to see it but I did take a few macro shots of the gold silver stamping gel on the mani effect on this marble look.

UR SUGAR 8ml Sparking Stamping Gel Gold Silver Soak Off UV Gel Polish for Stamp Template Stencil # 46502 USD $1.99

You can find this stamping gel by clicking on this link provided for you:

I love how the gold silver pops ever so subtle on the white base.

I also love me a good macro shot that shows every detail and oopsies lol
Look at the tiny specks of the gold silver!!

I used P2 Cosmetics nail polish (105 white now) for the base and stamped with their Techno Chrome (130 galaxy) nail polish on the marble effect.

Thirdly, I stamped with Born Pretty Store's gold silver gel stamping and cured it under my LED lamp for 30 seconds and topped the manicure with just a regular fast drying top coat to seal the look.

If you are interested on this stamping gel.
click on this link:

(ALSO: Don't forget to take 10% off on your entire purchase with my affiliate code: (RAEQ10)

This is the plate that I used to create the marble manicure with.
🌠·(#46675) Harunouta Rectangle Stamping Plate Stainless Steel Lines Nail Art Stamp Template L079

You can find this gorgeous stamping here:

Happy painting and shopping guys!!

- Mai

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Wednesday, August 7, 2019

BPS review: (#46676) Harunouta Rectangle Stamping Plate Staineless Steel Template Summery Theme

Hey guys!

Here is another great stamping plate that was sent to me for my personal review from Born Pretty Store!
(#46676) Harunouta Rectangle Stamping Plate Staineless Steel Template Summery Theme

I gotta admit, this one was my first grab to play with. lol and, I know.. I posted the marble mani look first on my blog. But this one, c'mon. I did 3 looks with this one! Stay put to check out the 3 manicures I created!

I had so much fun with this one guys.. lol The only look I did not use from this plate were the fruit images. I'm bound to get creative next with those next! Stay tuned! haha 

^^ please excuse my typo for the item number on my photo above!^^
this item is #46676 & NOT #45859

@ethereallacquer 'Morph'

Who doesn't like a good matte top coat?

I used @hellomaniology stamping polishes for these 3 manicures. 

This one was my favorite to create!
It reminds me of Lisa Frank with the rainbow gradient base
plus the stamping images from this plate.

Which one do you prefer?
Matte or Shiny?

*I used ALL Maniology stamping polishes on all 3 mani's*

Quixotic Polish
'Lei It On Me'

💗I used all @hellomaniologystamping polishes for this entire manicure. •Doll Dance, Rose Garden, and Eldorado for the gradient.
•Opus one, plantation tea, Empire Club, Eldorado, Gobi You, psychedelic stereo + Smudge Free top coat.
❣Use my affiliate code ( MPN10 ) for a 10% off on your purchase at: 

Look at the glow when it's in the shade guys!

I just had to take more shots in my light box.
But it didn't show the rainbow flakie effect that it has.
I was a bit disappointed because it is a Gorgeous one! 

If you liked the looks of this stamping plate. Do not hesitate. Just search for #46676 for it at www.bornprettystore.com!
& don't forget to take 10% off of your purchase with my affiliate code: (RAEQ10)

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- Mai

BPS review: ( #46675) Harunouta Rectangle Stamping Plate Staineless Steel Lines Nail Art Stamp Template L079

Hello! Hello!

I've got one look for you guys today on this marble stamping plate from Born Pretty Store.
It is Gorgeous ya'll!
I know, I know.. Why only one mani from this plate?! 
Well, I'm currently working on it!

But for now, this one that I had created reminds me of the black and white composition notebooks.
I wasn't going for that look but this one still turned out just OK. It finally grew on me. lol
LMK what you think of this one over a subtle blue-grey shimmery polish!

@ethereallacquer 'Plush' is perfect for this marble look.
I'm O B S E S S E D ❣❣❣

Harunouta Rectangle Stamping Plate Staineless Steel Lines Nail Art Stamp Template L079 - $3.59 - #46675

There are so any different marble looks you can create with this stamping plate.
The etches of the plate picked up great with my stamper. Just in case anyone was wondering about that because in the past, I've heard some stories about some images being hard to pick up.

Use my affiliate code ( RAEQ10 ) for a 10% off on your purchase at: www.bornprettystore.com!

(stamping polishes) For this mani, I used two basic colors from Maniology for this look.
•Bam! White
•Straight Up Black
+ Smudge Free Top Coat

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

BPS review: (#45934) BORN PRETTY Rainbow handle Holographic Transparent Stamper for UV Gel Stamping Polish Nail Art Tools


Tonight, I have this eye-catching rainbow handle with a sparkly holographic transparent head stamper to review. I was attracted by the multichrome handle because DAHH it is absolutely Everything in the nail community right now!! There's like tons of versions of holo + multichrome polishes sold in the indie world today! So, it's an Obvious reason as to why I chose to review this item.. lol
Whether or not this review will be negative or positive.. I hope you'll stick through til the end.

You'll wanna check this post out til the end because towards the end..
I have a tiny hand full of photos of a mani Icreated using Born Pretty Store's stamping plate over this gorgeous, shifty, blue to purple metallic-y foil-like polish.

It is pretty and soooo GLOSSY.

It's also so trippy and I wish I could share a video of it all glowy and shizz but you'll have to head to my instagram later to check it out because like I said.. You are gonna Wanna looksy.. lol

**on my thumb nail: Baroness X - "Plasma Globe"from (May 2019 Polish Pick Up)**

BORN PRETTY Rainbow handle Holographic Transparent Stamper for UV Gel Stamping Polish Nail Art Tools (#45934) for only $2.99

**stamping plate from Born Pretty Store: (item: Animal-L001 #46153)**

I used this stamping plate to attempt a proper review for this stamper.
I will be Honest, it did not quite work out for me. I have also read from previous nail art ladies that this stamper is a bit hard to pick up images with a well as seeing through the stamper head to properly stamp on your nails. That was something I wanted to see for myself and yes, why yes, it is a tough one to work with!

I could not for the life of me pick anything up!

I don't know if you can see the image I tried I had attempted to pick up in a dark purple stamping polish? At various angles when I moved the stamper head, I then can see the image on the stamper.

I am assuming you can see it there now?
Boy, the holo glitter is gorgeous and sparkly but it is difficult to see on the stamper.

Now, You can see it BUT it barely picked up the entire image.
I tried to wash it with warm water and Dawn dish soap but with not luck..
I was a bit sad but I said it was ok since this thing was still  major beauty!
If you re still interested on grabbing this item, I have provided the link to direct you it and I have a 10% code for you to use.

BORN PRETTY Rainbow handle Holographic Transparent Stamper for UV Gel Stamping Polish Nail Art Tools - $2.99

You can use my 10% discount code: (RAEQ10) off on your entire purchase at any given shopping time at Born Pretty Store!

Photo above was the mani that I tried to attempt picking up whilst using the stamper head with the BORN PRETTY Rainbow handle Holographic Transparent Stamper for UV Gel Stamping Polish Nail Art Tools. It was this under the sea images from the Animal-L001 plate from Born Pretty Store (item: #446163) but I unfortunately had the hardest time picking up.

**on my nails: Polished For Days - "Kiki, do you love me?" from (May 2019 Polish Pick Up)

Boy, was it also hard to pick up the cool shifty tones on this beauty!
But Oh-SO-Purdy!!

See what I meant by the metallic-y + foil-like that shows up on this stunner?!

My apologies for this horrible lighting of a photo to send you off with..
I tried to capture another lighting of it in its shifty transition or whatev's ya wanna call it. lol
I'm still in love with it though.. Haha!

Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you with this post but if you made it to the last of it.
I love and appreciate you for visiting and reading it till this very end!
Please, don't hesitate to comment me anything that is on your mind!
xo ;P Have a great night..

💜 Mai

Sunday, June 9, 2019

BPS review: (#44748 - 28) Gold Nail Art Decorations

(with sad eyes) lol... no, seriously!!

I cannot for the life of me find the link to this review item on
Born Pretty Store so that you guys can have an easier time to just click
to directly send you to this item.. I think there was an error from Born Pretty Store
because I used the item number to search on their website but it shows not available item.

I still hope you guys will still like this post and item just as much as I do!
These are some plain Gold Nail Art Decorations that were kindly sent for me to review..

Here, I created a simple gradient base with some stamping polishes from Mo You London.
(stamping polishes): 'One and Only', 'Cancun Coral' & 'Classic Lipstick'

I only provide the item number for you guys because it's what was
on the back of the package. Though i did manage to find a bigger pack filled
with multiple other styles that you can choose from!

Here's the link to those: 

1 Bag Nail Studs Mixed Size Gold Color Star Moon Heart Geometric Shape Hollow 3D Nail Art Decoration
# 46542
for only $1.79!!

^^I recieved 5 packs of these Gold Nail Art Decorations that = 100 pcs. in total^^

I was stumped on how I would use those decorations on my mani..
I then remembered that in Korea and Japan, these types of nail art items are used on their nail arts!
I just simply placed them up close to the cuticle area. I actually really liked how these turned out.
How about you?!

This sunset mani, I used the Maniology (stamping plate)
MANIOLOGY X CLAIRESTELLE8 M035 + (stamping polish) midnight madness. Topped with Sally Hansen's miracle GEL matte top coat. (use my affiliate code: MPN10 for 10% off on your purchase at: https://maniology.com/?rfsn=2274413.3373dbc&utm_source=refersion&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=2274413.3373dbc)

I'm so extra and just couldn't waste a good gradient mani PLAIN!! Lol!
O B S E S S E D!

*To get an extra 10% off with my code :(RAEQ10) at the end of your checkout at www.bornprettystore.com!

💜 Mai