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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

BPS review: #40481 Cartoon BP-X41 stamping plate

Want a fun and cute stamping plate for an adorable manicure?
This (cartoon BP-X41) plate could be just for you!
Check out my 2 mani's that I have created with this plate from

The etches of the stamp images are perfectly etched and
picks up nicely with the help from a soft and squishy head stamper.

I created the cute daisy, watermelon and fruit with blue birds all with black stamping polishes and the colored polishes are China Glaze and Orly.

I love how they turned out. Especially the periwinkle mani down below.
Which manicure is your favorite?

Kitty cats in galoshes bc of a rainy day..

Aren't they just cute?!
Seriously, get this stamping plate!

And..Don't forget to:
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Have a wonderful night everyone!
- Mai

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BPS review: #42046 - 1 Box Colorful Mix Acrylic Rhinestones Alloy Metal Frame Sticker Manicure 3D Nail Art DIY Decoration (style: rainbow)

Check out the wonderful accent nail on my middle nail!
This variety jar came in with a mixture of tiny caviar beads, gold metal pieces and gems!
Keep reading to see more of the macro shots up close and how many more other pieces came in a tiny jar. You'll be impressed at how pretty they are!

I chose the colorful mix in (rainbow) under item #42046

1 Box Colorful Mix Acrylic Rhinestones Alloy Metal Frame Sticker Manicure 3D Nail Art DIY Decoration (style: rainbow)

Love the gorgeous cross and north star..
Even the rainbow rhinestones are super gorgeous too!

 Up top, is a nicer shot away from the jar.
There, you see the clear caviar beads as well as the variety sizes and shapes of the rainbow rhinestones too. Aren't they pretty?!
It's such a great selection thats in a jar so tiny..
There's actually more than you think too!

You'll find these fun to use for a wham bam manicure!
They;re GORGEOUS, what more can I say?
Click this link to buy you some NOW!!

**AND DON'T FORGET TO Use my code: (raeq10) for a 10% off on all regular priced items at bornprettystore.com!

Have a wonderful night everyone!
- Mai

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BPS review: #19368 BORN PRETTY Rectangle Heart Diamond Grids Nail Plate Stamping Template Image Plate Art BP-L013

Hello! HELLO!

Here's a cute and fun stamping plate from bornprettystore.com for you guys!

I have a ton of manicures and different shots of the variety stamp prints for you to see.
I hope you guys will enjoy them and feel the need to buy one for yourself at the end.. LOL!

Trick to creating a nice stamping manicure is to have a nice clean oil-free smooshy stamper head. A good sticky base coat to help stick your image onto your nails also. ;)

First up, I have a nice pink metallic base with white simple hearts stamped over it.

Heart stamps gets the best of me!
I love heart prints!

I even used the tiger stripes over  new cat eye gel polish sent to me
for free from Born Pretty Store.

I'm lovin' the gorgeous shifts from the gel polish.
It pairs well with the tiger stripes. Don't you think so too?

Cher, anyone?!

The beautiful tartan print in black and white gives me the Clueless and Cher vibe!
My absolute FAVE from the 90's chick flick!
It is my ultimate favorite infamous two-piece outfit that she wears.. lol

Macro's make me oh-so HAPPY..

Another stamping image of plain old stars..
You can't go wrong..

Macro's for days..

The complete star mani done with a nice grey shifty to pink metallic polish from p2 cosmetic is gorgeous with the stars print.

Over a simple Barbie Pink mani that I did on my friends sisters nails.
I love polka-dots myself!!

Seriously guys..

You need this stamping plate! Simply click the link to make a purchase and don't forget to use my 10% code (raeq10) on all regular priced items!

 FREE shipping WORLDWIDE as well!!

Have a lovely evening everyone!
- Mai

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BPS review: #41339 1 Sheet Flower Insect 3D Nail Sticker Cute Panda Floral Manicure Nail Art Adhesive Transfer Sticker

Flower water nail decals (style #2) item#: 41399

For a simple manicure that can be done under 20 minutes..
These super cute and delicate flower water nail decals will be sure add a girly touch to your manicure. Here, I've placed them over a nice Machiatto gel polish.

They're so easy to use too!
All you need is a cup of warm water, pair of scissor and a piece of napkin to help sop up the water from the water decals.

Just simple pick out your flower, cut it out, dip in the water then slide off the transfer decal off the white sheet and place it over your nail.
Be sure to help sop up access water so that it doesn't leave water bubbles underneath the decal when you apply a nice generous top coat of your choice!

1 Sheet Flower Insect 3D Nail Sticker Cute Panda Floral Manicure Nail Art Adhesive Transfer Sticker (style #2)

If you are interested in getting some of these pretty water decals. Be sure to check out the link down below!

I can't help but to love shoot some macros of the gorgeous decals!

They're absolutely gorgeous!!

I couldn't stop staring at my nails!!

Be sure to use my code: (raeq10) for and extra 10% off
Plus, there's free shipping world wide too!

BPS review: purple holographic loose glitters #40725

Hello! Hello!
It's been a while since I have gotten time to review these few bornprettystore.com items.
My depression has really gotten to me for the past couple of months. That shouldn't be an excuse but depression is no joke. I just lost some of my nail art creativeness juices but I'm slowly making a comeback guys! and thats good thing!!
Also, I apologize for my absence and I look forward to continue this journey of nail art and reviewing with Born Pretty Store products.

This evening, I have this gorgeous purple holo loose glitter for you.
It is so gorgouse and super easy to use.

Key to this is that you'll need to apply a couple of coats of nail polish to your nails.
Let it air dry for 5 mins till it is slightly drying and still a bit tacky then dip or sprinkle some of the pretty purple holo loose glitters on your nail.
You have gotta to have a fast drying top coat to help seal in the glitters for a fine smooth finish as well. 
Isn't it pretty?!
I love this SO much!

Also, another thing.. You can use this glitter over a cured gel manicure!
I find it gorgeous and more shiny when you have the best shiny gel top coat to help seal and cure the glitter!

If you are interested on this product. Be sure to click on this link below to check out the websites pricings.


Be sure to stay in tune for the next few items!
Have a great night!!


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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Born Pretty Store review: #19368 stamping plate

Today, I have for you some cute stamping nail art!

These are really fun to use. I recieved this stamping plate from www.bornprettystore.com to review.

I love how the plates have 21 images for you to choose from. They're all so cute and easy to use! Especially, if you have a good top coat and a great stamping head to pick up the image with!

I chose to use @p2cosmetics_us Mauve Mist in 2 buttery coats + Volume+Shine top coat = 😍💕 as my base.

What better than to use a cute heart nail stamping image than @bornprettynail stamping plate BP-L013 item #19368 to use over the cute chrome pink polish?

I had no issue with this plate at all. It picked up great with my old and new stamping head that was sent for review.

If you find yourself wanting this plate. Head over to www.bornprettystore.com & search for this item #19368.

And don't forget to use my code (RAEQ10) for a 10% off on all regular priced items.




Tuesday, June 5, 2018

🎈Born Pretty Store🎉new series🎉debut🎉June 6th, 2018🎈

Who's excited about😬😁 www.bornprettystore.com?! They're having their new series debut🎉tomorrow!

👀Check out my swatch of this gorgeous💛3D Magnetic Aurora Series nail lacquer called 'Fairbanks Art' (BP-MA05) #42398 ~ it's one of many of the new💅pretties that'll debut tomorrow.

I cannot wait to see what else they have in store online! Though I've seen a few new posts from my friends pages with their new polishes etc.. I still can't wait to see what else they have to show us! ☺

Will you be in tune for the debut? If so, be sure to have my 10% code :💛(RAEQ10)💛 ready to use at the end of your purchase!