"Night time is the right time for manicures." -- Mai K.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

☆Born Pretty Store review: (#41842 - **Shade BP-02**) 10ml BORN PRETTY Peacock Chameleon Holographic Gel Soak Off Manicure Nail Art Gel Polish

This gel polish is friggin purdy AF y'all.
Check out👀the multichrome shift along with the holo glitter and flakies.
Shown here, 3 coats of this beauty with no undie base.

This gel is pretty! When I saw this beauty, it didn't cross my mind til afterwards to use a black gel for the base.. I got too excited and started to paint my nails with this mesmerizing beauty. HAHA! It applied so well and it is one true sparkly bottle of a goodie gel.

You should get one or the entire collection!!
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💅10ml BORN PRETTY Peacock Chameleon Holographic Gel Soak Off Manicure Nail Art Gel Polish (item #41842)

**Shade: (BP - 02)

Always remember to use a bonder before applying the base gel foundation for a strong, long lasting mani then apply your preffered gel color to save your natural nails!

Another tip is to cure under an UV/LED in between coats starting from the bonder all the way down to the base + color gels! 😁😚💖

💋Use code: (RAEQ10) at www.bornprettystore.com for a 10% off on all regular priced items.

Happy paintings!!

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

☆Born Pretty Store #41516 + V-DAY NAIL ART & Madam Glam (Barbie Girl) Gel polish

Hello Everyone,
Valentine's Day Is Right Around the corner! I have this pink gel manicure to share with you.

I used 'Barbie Girl' from @madamglam www.madamglam.com ~ I pink I'm in love💗..😍

•Laser Nail Flakies (style #5)

••(BP-L016) Stamping plate
💅Use Code: (RAEQ10) to take 10% off on all regular priced items at www.bornprettystore.com

I tried to get fancy by using @daily_charme Stay Put Gelly over the hearts to make them look like puffy stickers. 🙈😁

•@dripdropnailpaint Tighty Whities & Yoga Pants Nail Polish for stamping.


☆Born Pretty Store review: #41562 Holo four angle stars multi color Decorations

It's pretty much still the beginning of 2018. So,😁I wanna wish you all a wonderful and Happy New Year!! 🎉🙊
I love love L😍VE this electric blue that I received in my @ipsy bag of @prettywomannyc💙'Johnny's Angels'💙.

These Adorable multi color four angle stars nail decos are from www.bornprettystore.com They're SO Easy To Use! They may be thin but they were a bit lifting up so I had to add about 2-3 coats of a top coat to seal them in. They Would Peak Up And Snag On Your Hair Etc But It's Easy To Take A Toothpick Too Push Down The four sides down before adding a top coat.

I simply chose these to review bc they are holo and they shimmer 😍😍😍💖. Loved The Variety Of colors that are in the container. Lol, I couldn't contain myself when I also shot a tiny clip from my instagram (boomerang) app. I'll Attach Photos ANd as for the clip for you to see.. It's Gorgeous!! 😍💖 BUT you're going to need to come see it on www.instagram.com/mai.painted.nails account! 😁😙😙😙

Seriously, Check This product out! The Link Is Down Below For Ya! 😁

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☆Born Pretty Store review: #41516 (5) Chameleon Holo Laser Flakies

I loved this flakes from Born Pretty Store So Much that I just had to create another mani. It's Not All Too Fancy Or Intricate but its fun to have a simple manicure to wear with a little bit of sparkle.

'sweet tooth' @sinfulcolors_official is my favorite throwback polish bc it's lavender and I just had to use my chameleon holo laser flakies #41516 (5) to top it off for a pretty & sparkly finish. 💜🦄💅💘

https://www.bornprettystore.com/born-pretty-chameleon-holographic-flakes-powder-laser-nail-flakies-sequins-paillette-p-41516.html #5

It's So Easy And Fun To Use Bc You Can Wear This Over A regular nail polish base. Or Even Over A Gel Manicure! I personally love it over a gel manicure. Simply Bc It Lasts Longer!

Enjoyed Looking At My Nail Art? Check This Item Out Along With Other products with the link provided down below.

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☆Born Pretty Store review: Thermal Shimmer Glitter Gel #41307 (7)

It's a snowy day here in❄Minne-Snow-Ta❄. What a perfect day to use my @bornprettystore Christmas/Snowflakes stamping plate (BP-120) over this beautiful
•10ml BORN PRETTY Thermal Shimmer Glitter Gel Temperature Color Changing Nail Art Soak Off UV Gel (#41307) in shade (7).

Here shown, I used 3 thin coats. I absolutely love the transitions. Cold is a robins egg blue but it's more of a grey blue IRL & warm is lavender.


•10ml BORN PRETTY Thermal Shimmer Glitter Gel Temperature Color Changing Nail Art Soak Off UV Gel (item: # 41307) in shade (7).



I love how this gel is so sensitive to the warmth of your body or with the help from cold or hot water. It's Such a fun thermal to wear! You can wear this color for any occasion or holiday or just because you wanna stare at your nails changing color!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

☆Born Pretty Store review: #41046 Dual stamper head silicon stamper with rhinestone & Influenster VoxBox (p2cosmetics polish: geek freak)

My first VoxBox from @Influenster was sent free for testing purposes & I received @p2_cosmetics_official @p2cosmetics_us 6 nail polishes to swatch & review. This one is called •270 geek freak (Volume Gloss gel look polish).
*I received the products complimentary and all opinions are my own.*

It is a dark ox blood red nail polish.  Shown here in 2 coats plus •340 pure woman (Volume Gloss gel look polish Top Coat). It looks like a dark brown polish but my camera couldn't capture the dark red. The formula is perfection. Opaque in two coats.

I Love the round edge brush for a perfect hug around the cuticles. No joke, Drying time on these babies was less than 3 minutes! I'm amazed and I'm in love. I'd highly recommend this brand of nail polish to everyone. They're $5 at your local Wal-Mart too. Can't beat that!

💅Thank you Influenster! 😊💜


I was also sent for free testing purposes from www.bornprettystore.com :
•@bornprettystore Dual ended clear white jelly stamper silicon with rhinestone nail stamper with scraper (item 41046)

Get this stamper at: http://www.bornprettystore.com/dual-ended-clear-white-jelly-stamper-silicone-with-rhinestone-nail-stamper-with-scraper-p-41046.html

♡Take 10% off on all regular priced items with my code (RAEQ10) at www.bornprettystore.com♡

If you check out the nerd glasses, the top one is the original sized stamp print. As for the one on the bottom, it is smaller and that one was transferred from the regular silicon stamper head to the squishy, stickier AND softer stamper head that you squeeze to make the print smaller.

In comparison, the two images are from the same stamp print from @faburnails Stamping plate (FUN1).

It took me a while to review this stamper bc I'm thinking it was my stamping polish that dried too fast. Or if it was bc I'm too slow to transfer it on to the squishy stamper. 😁

But I'm SO HAPPY to say that I've accomplished this product and check out the nerd glasses in two different sizes! It is so cool!!

Get yourself one with the link I provided above and don't forget to use my 10% code above as well.

Have a Happy Tuesday everyone! 😙😙😙


Monday, December 4, 2017

☆Born Pretty Store review: (#41008) •10ml BORN PRETTY Peel Off Gel Base Coat

💖I found inspiration from @ninanailedit when she had done this similar mani for I believe it was Halloween. I just thought it was too cute to pass up. I love me some hot pink, stars and moons & glitters.
This peel off gel base is some ahhmazing stuff.. It peels off in strips but did not peel off my nail beds. It's great for a quick removal without the hassle of having to soak them off with acetone etc. I've test worn this mani for 5 days to see how long it would last. Check out the 2nd last photo to see the nails to only wear/chip off. This is some friggin good stuff. Lol💖

Products used one this gel manicure:
•@madam_glam 'Barbie'

•asp soak off gel polish 'White Hot' & 'Black Beauty'

•@gelish_official 'Foundation' & 'Top It Off'

•@bornprettystore #24291 (1) light pink holo gel polish

•Born Pretty Store  matte nude gel polish (11) #23591

•10ml BORN PRETTY Peel Off Gel Base Coat No Need Remover Water Soak Off Nail Art UV Primer Gel Polish
#41008 get this product: www.bornprettystore.com/10ml-born-pretty-peel-base-coat-need-remover-water-soak-nail-primer-polish-p-41008

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