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Thursday, March 21, 2019

BPS review: (#43182) 6ml BORN PRETTY Quick Building Gel Nail Tips Finger Extension Glue Nail Art UV Building Gel

There's a first time for everything, right guys? ๐Ÿคจ

The new hottest trend that's happening in all social media is: BUILDER GEL.
I mean, it's not so easy for first timers to use..
BUT that does not mean one cannot buy to give it a try for thyself.
I can say so myself..because it was something I had to learn on my own by watching some tutorials first, of course. Watching tutorials on how to apply a builder gel is great because I learned how to apply them on my own nails. It was not as easy as it is watching a tutorial than it is to apply on my own nails. Only because I wanted long nails and had to practice with the nail form stickers. 

It was tough trying to get it to bend and stick to my natural nail curves. But when I got the nail forms on, though the Quick Builder Gel it has a pretty thick consistency formula already. It helps sits and not run to the sides of your nails. That's what I liked about it! OH! AND It also cures under a LED lamp. 

Here, I chose to apply 3 thin coats just for safety measures. I was paranoid about breaking my nails because of creating such thin layers of quick builder on my nails. So, I added 3 layers. I filed the sides and buffed the tops of my nails in the process because I wanted a clean and evenly nail bed. Then topped it with a non-wipe gel top coat. 

One thing that threw me off a bit was that the bristle brush was not easy to use. It felt like the bristles didn't want to fan out for a good even application. It would bunch up a bit and it took more gel builder than I would have liked. Maybe I just got a bad brush? 

Though, it was easy to use, I have a nail filer to help buff & file them evenly. It turned out great nonetheless!! I'm impressed by far! I've had it on my natural nails for 2 weeks now and it is so good! 

I'm not a professional nail tech but it was fun playing with @bornprettyofficial 'Quick Builder UV Gel' (item #43182) over nail forms to add more length to my nails to match my left hand.


**note: I've had these on over a week now. Hence, the length of my natural nails.**

If you are interested in trying this Quick Builder Gel. Get yours here: 

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๐Ÿ’œ Mai

BPS review: (#42859) BORN PRETTY Nail Stamping Polish Agate Green Nail Art Plate Melody Life Stamping Series

I love a good stamping polish. Don't you?

I found this green gem at www.bornprettystore.com!
It stamps wonderfully.. Perfectly, pastel-y stamping polish too. If I say so myself!

Check out how opaque this beauty is on my stamping nail art! I was ecstatic about that!
It is super creamy and didn't dry too quickly so that it could easily transfer from the stamper to the nails.

(#42859)  BORN PRETTY Nail Stamping Polish Agate Green Nail Art Plate Melody Life Stamping Series

Base: 'Donatella' from Floss Gloss

Here, I used stamping plates from MoYou London:
(Geek Collection - 13) ~ Alien
(Tumblr Girl Collection - 04) ~ Herbs, Weed, Pot, Marijuana.. Whatever you like to call 'em.. lol

If you are interested on this green pastel stamping polish.. Simply check it out by clicking on this link below:

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- Mai

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BPS review: Chinese Style L004 stamping plate (item: #45897)

It is almost the end of March already but we are still allowed to wish everyone a Happy New Year?! lol 

Today, I have this beautiful www.bornprettystore.com stamping plate review. I loved this stamping plate so much that I just had to create two manicures!

Besides all the cuteness on this plate.. It is so easy to use. The images picked up with my stamper head just fine with my stamping polishes. 

I chose to go with the original red but with a soft white gold accent nail. On the second manicure, I went with Born Pretty Stores nude shade as my base. 

Chinese Style L004 stamping plate (item: #45897)

If you're interested on this stamping plate. Check it out here:

I'll just a few more shots of a second manicure I did with this same plate.

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- Mai

BORN PRETTY 6ml Pink Series Peel Off Nail Polish Fast Dry Long Lasting Nail Art Varnish Manicure - BP-8804 Ms Style (item: #44296-4)

Who isn't into a simple peel off nail polish?
I mean, this one is SO simple in the nicest shade too. NUDE.
This one is called 'Ms Style' and opaque in 2 coats too!

This one reminds me of my younger days when I had first discovered about peelable nail polish at Claire's. I remember it was an icy baby blue polish in a bear shaped nail polish bottle. OH the nostalgia!!

I'm ecstatic that these babies are still around! AND they are so affordable at www.bornprettystore.com!

There are 10 colors to choose from this Pink Series collection! Be sure to check it out by clicking on the in prvided down below if you're interested on this gem! You won't be disappointed!

BORN PRETTY 6ml Pink Series Peel Off Nail Polish Fast Dry Long Lasting Nail Art Varnish Manicure - BP-8804 Ms Style (item: #44296-4)

AND don't forget..
This beauty is just an easy peasy peel away for an easy clean up that won't involve any acetone!!

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- Mai

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Monday, January 7, 2019

BPS review: (#42518) Spring Garden L003 Stamping Plate

Spring Garden - L003 stamping plate item #42518
is a very gorgeous plate!

I won't lie, I had a tricky time picking up the images even with my new stamper heads.
I highly recommend, yet again, on investing on some very nice and sticky nail stamping polish along with a sticky clear jelly stamper.

It helped and also changed my stamping game!!

Here, I used Hello Maniology's black and white stamping polishes and their stamper.
It was such a great relief when I had finally been able to pick up the images.
The results of this stamping plate is just absolutely Gorgeous!!!! 

Hello Manilogy (Straight Up Black B171) black stamping polish brought this image to life!!
I'm in awe of how beautifully this mani turned out! I also topped it with their Smudge Free Top Coat before applying a nice QDTC to seal the look.

In case you were curious, this base polish is from Lollipop Posse Lacquer called 'Sass Those Boys Up Nasty" from December 2018's Polish Pickup.

Love love love macros to show how pretty the image is.

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- Mai 

BPS review: (#44292-2) Flashing Vision Series BP-FV02 Summer Moon

Pink icy wonderland with this gorgeous nail polish from www.bornprettystore.com!

This nail polish is called Summer Moon from the Flashing Vision Series & it is perfect for the base of my mani bc it's icy like the cold outside.

I just love how the white faded to baby blue ombre snowflakes make this manicure stand out. 

I did, however, find the formula on the thicker and gooey side. It's opaque in 3 thin coats by force. But the after result is just stunning, at least I think so! :)

This icy pink leans on the metallic-y side or almost foil like as well.
It reminds me of my childhood polishes that I used to have in the 90's.
Oh, the nostalgia! lol

This pink nail polish can be found on their website www.bornprettystore.com  under this item #: (44292-2)

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- Mai

BPS review: (#44314) Christmas - L004 Stamping Plate

This is such a fun stamping plate for the holidays guys!
Layering images included but not many but it is such an adorable plate to use.

I highly recommend using a good, sticky clear jelly head stamper in order to picikup any image from not just this plate but on Every plate!

I am thrilled at how easy I had created this holiday mani.

Love how his mustard gold yellow polish from Yapa fits just right for this holiday mani!

^^ Just a tiny peek of some of the images that are on this plate.^^

I added a nice textured polish to create a more pop out look for this Christmas mani.
It's so much fun to look at.

Here's another sneak peek of this stamping plate down below shown over my next blog post!
I love this plate so much!
I highly recommend this plate because it has some stamping images that lets you layer over the other.
I find it so much more fun this way! I really hope www.bornprettystore.com will create more layer image plates!!

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- Mai