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Friday, October 17, 2014

Hi ladies and gentlemen!

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Today, I wanted to share with you all a 10% off code: (RAEQ10) at http://bornprettystore.com at the end of your checkout! If you didn't know, born pretty store has a ton of things like clothes, necklaces, jewelry, makeup, nail art, cellphone cases and other cool gadgets that you can think of!!

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Wish you all a Wonderful Friday evening and weekend!

- Mai

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mickey Mouse mani done with BornPrettyStore item: #5273

Hi ladies & gents!

I have already reviewed this brush from bornprettystore.com item #: 5273 before but I just have to write another blog about this. It's a MUST!!

This calligraphy brush is AMAZING!!! I find this brush so soft and easy to work with. I am so happy to have chosen this brush to review. I am IN LOVE!

This Mickey Mouse mani, I had used this brush to create the tail and Mickey Mouse's head and ears. It was unbelievably easy to apply a larger amount of acrylic paint because of how soft the brush is.

If you're curious or looking for a new brush for calligraphy writing or nail art in general, this brush is for you! Search for item: #5273 on bornprettystore.com


Don't forget to use my 10% code at your checkout: "RAEQ10"

- Mai

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