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Friday, December 12, 2014

DAY 3: OMG Nail Strips Review

It's been such a long, long review for me wearing these adorbs jellybeans nail strips from omgnailstrips.com Considering the fact that I am a girl who cannot commit to one manicure for more than 2 days!! I love to change my nails almost every day. With the nail strips on day 3.. It has been a wonderful experience. Please, keep reading for my review on these!

As you can see above, the nails have no tip wear. Which I am impressed with also from the help from Seche Vite fast drying top coat! 

A closer look at the tips..

Last but not least, As you can tell.. The area above my nail bed and cuticles have a space in between them because I needed to push my cuticles. The index nail has a wear off on the cuticle area because my hairs kept getting caught with it due to a tiny corner shrinkage from Seche Vite because I didn't do a good enough coverage with smoothing it down.

All in all, I am impressed with the OMG Nail Strips. Like I have said before too, they are much easier to apply than Sally Hansen. I absolutely love these because of the cute and funky prints. I would recommend this nail strips if you are a person who likes to have your nails done fast without drying time. Plus, it is SO easy to stick on, peel off without tearing it and placing it back on to the nail without having it not sticky anymore. While filing the nail strips downwards, if you do it right, Which I didn't know if I was doing it correctly.. They turned out rather much nicer than I thought I would've done. I am in love with the simplicity of these nail strips. 

Please, go check the website out for the pricing, more nail strips with a ton more prints to choose from at: ogmnailstrips.com 

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review for OMG Nail Strips

Welcome everyone to my blog!
Today, I have my first review for OMG Nail Strips.

I know I may say this a whole lot BUT OMG.. Yes, just like these OMG Nail Strips, I am saying OMG about these and for this wonderful opportunity to review for them. I love fun and exciting opportunities like these. It's definitely a treat for me because this is what I love to do. Hard work does pay off! I feel truly blessed by God by these little things. I cherish them because it's what makes me feel happy and sane. OK, enough blabbering.. I'll get right down to the review of these funky and sweet nail trips by OMG Nail Strips!

I chose the asymmetrical line pattern and jelly beans nail strips.

Just an up close shot of the sweetest nail strips by OMG Nail Strips. They're so sweet, I just can't even stop looking at my nails. I personally love jelly beans and that was why I just had to pick these to review! Down below, I will have my first review of these. 

Asymmetrical line pattern has been gettin' around on instagram that I've seen. I still had to pick this design out just because of the most two simplest colors and the lines.. In case, you haven't noticed because you guys don't know me well or just yet.. Lines that are asymmetrical or just plain stripes.. I absolutely love. I can't wait to try this design once Friday hits tomorrow.

Aren't the Jellybeans just sweet and scrumptious on le nails?! They were absolutely easy to apply on. More easier to apply on than Sally Hansen nail stickers just because they stick on at the first application and if you mess up and try to align it straight on the nail, you'll rip the sticker entirely. I found the OMG Nail Strips to remove after laying down on the nail easy to pick up and stick back onto the nail. Filing downward on the nails did not leave any of the nail stickers to tear or lift up, which is a definite plus. Hence, Sally Hansen's nail stickers do that and it'll take off the nail design too. I just can't even stop looking at my nails!! I'm a girl of no commitment to one manicure. I can't wait to take these off to try out the asymmetrical pattern one though.. 

Oh and in case you were wondering what is that thing that I am holding in my hand? It is 'Summer Carnival' by Sweet Baby By Donna. It smells so divine and makes my cuticles oh so baby soft.... I can literally sit and smell my fingers ALL day long. lol Thanks to Amy from @amylovesnewwave @indies500 & @jessdjnails for this wonderful gift. It's a huge necessity for a nail enthusiast for sure!!

I can't wait to try out the asymmetrical line pattern tomorrow after wearing these Jellybeans nail strips for three days. I will also do another review on the 3 day wear of them. Though the package of the OMG Nail Strips to day that they last up to 10 days. My nails tend to wear off at the tips a bit so that is why I chose to wear them for three days. All in all review, the strips are wonderful. They are so easy and a fun, fast way to get a long lasting manicure. Just be sure to seal the nail strips with a good top coat for a longer lasting manicure! If you're interested on getting some of these OMG Nail Strips, head on over to their website to check out on the other nail designs at: omgnailstrips.com!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Snowglobe Christmas-y Cabin Mani made it on Nail Pro!!

I am SO Excited to share on my blogspot tonight that my nails have been featured on Nail Pro on Facebook on December 2nd, 2014!! 

I missed the feature on my Facebook Newsfeed but a good friend Jamie from ig:@sealorepolish tagged me so I could see this wonderful news. It made my day because I never thought in my life would get noticed or featured on the site. It was a mini dream come true for this nail enthusiast! Check it out!! I even had 3k likes on it! That was the cherry on top! :) <3 

Nail polishes used here on the manicure are by China Glaze 'Red Satin', 'There's Snow One Like You', OPI 'Last Friday Night', Zoya 'Hunter'.

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An up close of my Snowglobe Christmas-y Cabin mani.. & I did say at two points that I regret painted a red cabin with the line on the cabin house. BUT I'm so surprised that this manicure made it live on Nail Pro with 3k+ likes!! :O

Thank you ladies and gentlemen!!

Have a wonderful night..,

Featuring Digital Nails 'Serenity'

Tonight on my blog, I am featuring Digital Nails 'Serenity' that was given to me when Amy from ig:@amylovesnewwave and her friends gave me the best indie polishes on this epic nail mail i had received in the November. It made my month! I haven't felt this special in a long, LONG time.. Thanks to the ladies! They are the best..

This glitter topper shimmers in pink, purple and hints of blue with just ONE luscious coat over a bed of 'Black On Black' by Sinful Colors Professional... OMG, how beautiful is THIS?!

I also decided to use China Glaze 'New Birth' for the nail art: polka-dots, reindeer and the x's and hearts. The red and magenta glitters are from a cheap brand polish called Profusion.

ALL IN ALL.. This glitter topper is friggin amazing.. It's so pretty, I couldn't stop staring at my nails in the natural sunlight. It had a smooth application to it, PLUS.. PLUS!! I used Digital Nails 'I Ain't Got Time For That' fast drying top coat over this beautiful manicure. In simple words, there's no other word that can express about this indie polish! Go buy some. Go support Digital Nails!! :)

Gnight World,

Bestie Twin Nails with Kay from @twentysixnails on instagram

Welcome to my blog!

Tonight, I have this wonderful #BestieTwinNails that I 
had the privilege to do with Kay from ig:@twentysixnails on instagram. This particular manicure was chosen by me and I fell in love with ig:@kirakiranails creation on the plaid. I picked out the Christmas-y colors for our twin nails. I absolutely loved our mani's that we both collabed together. 

 Above is Kay ig:@twentysixnails solo shot of our duo.
Isn't it adorable? She left her manicure glossy while I had mine matte.

Last but not least, the one above is my solo shot mattefied.

This particular design has been done a lot especially for Holidays. It's such a fun nail design and so easy to do with a brush and some striping nail tape. If you're interested on learning how to do design, you can find Sarah's video on her YouTube channel under the name: KiraKiraNails. She has amazing nail art tutorials as well as my friend Kay from Singapore, ig:@twentysixnails. Kay has the best and most adorable manicures EVER! Go check her out and follow her on instagram.com/twentysixnails

I always have fun doing Bestie Twin Nails with this gal from Singapore! She's such a sweet girl, I hope you find the time and love for her adorable nail art!

Wish you all a good night,

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Monday, December 1, 2014

#MPNgiveaway is CLOSED!

Yay... finally, my #MPNfallgiveway has officially closed! Winners will be picked soon! Good luck to all who entered! 😊

To everyone whose entered, I just wanna thank you all foe participating. Or means a lot to me! I hope you all plan to stock around for more fun and nail art!

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