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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Terax hair product review (pt.2)

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to review Terax hair products for Bella Republic Relations. 
I must say, the conditioners & leave-in conditioners are simply amazing. My hairs finally restored after 3 years of hair damage & due to having such oily hair. I only used shampoo to wash & to help dry my hair just to reduce the oil. It only dried, break and damage it even more causing it split ends. This Spring, Terax has helped nourished my locks leaving it so soft, supple and shiny. I couldn't be any happier. Would I recommend this product to anyone? Why wouldn't I?! This product is a must have! Even for hair that frizz during the hot & humid weather in the summertime, Terax is a must use product. You can order this product apparently only online at www.teraxhaircare.com & at http://www.ulta.com/ulta/a/_/Ntt-terax/Nty-1?Dy=1&ciSelector=searchResults . BTW, I'm not partnering with Ulta in anyway to help advertise them but for what I know, they do sell Terax hair care products on their online store.
Terax Hydrate leave in conditioner spray is what I like to use after every hair wash with my favorite Aveda sun care hair and body cleanser shampoo + Terax Crema moisturizing conditioner. It leaves my hair with a clean & crisp scent while nourishing my locks as I leave my hair towel dried, It is rare that I use a hair dryer.. lol

With the listed hair shampoo + conditioners, my hair is so baby soft!

Every strand of my hair is soft even after a hair coloring! I'm amazed by Terax hair conditioners..

You can't see here but I've cut 3 inches off from my hair because of split ends. There's still split ends but I couldn't & wouldn't dare myself to cut off 8 inches.. NO WAY.. Terax can help nourish them split ends for now till my hair grows longer. 

I was told my hair in this photo was "dry" when I was at the salon.. I just think the gal was "jealous".. LOL

Last but not least, I do NOT like to post my face on social media's when I have my settings to public. but for this very purpose, my blog is open for (manicures/nail) swatches & product reviews.

I hope you will get the chance to see what Terax hair care products work. It's amazing stuff! Get your hands on some right now. You will be very pleased! The scent of the leave in conditioners are nice and a bit strong but the product does its job!

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