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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Born Pretty Store review: #16678

Born Pretty Store review: #16678

Today, I have the last and the third review of these adorable super thin and adorable reindeer gold nail art for bornprettystore.com with item number #16678.

When I chose this item to review, it came with 30 little reindeer. I noticed that they were so delicate to use. They were super thin to work with. Which made it very easy to use. Though, I had noticed that with either a top coat or nail glue to hold the charm down, it was still sticking up so it would break off the head of the reindeer leaving it easy to snag on your shirts or hairs if you were to comb your fingers through your hairs. Which I don't mind bc I used a thin coat over the little reindeer to help secure it. So, please be sure to be careful when placing the reindeer over your nails!! 😊 It took me two reindeer to get a perfect mani which it was OK with me.

I found these little charms to be so cute and fun to wear especially over a plaid mani or even over a knitted sweater manicure like how I had done. Its even great to use on a Christmas manicure. I am so fond of these cuties, I can't wait to play more of these later!

Please, search for item #16678 on bornprettystore.com if you're interested on this item! Don't forget to use my 10% code off (RAEQ10) from your purchase at the end of your checkout as well!

Have a happy Thanksgiving, Happy Paintings & Happy Shopping!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


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Born Pretty Store review: #16674 Ft. Digital Nails & Julep+

Welcome! Welcome ALL!

Above polishes that were used were Base: Julep 'Kristen' in one opaque coat. An absolute stunner!! Thanks to Amy (ig:@amylovesnewwave). I also have a beautiful gradient done with this glitter topper from Digital Nails 'Supernova' in two nice coats. Ya know, to be honest, I didn't notice the glitters were micro squares! I thought they were tiny circle micros. When I took macro's of this mani, I saw that it was a squared glitter topper, I fell more in love with it!! So adorable..

Above's photo has the various sizes of item #16674 over a gorgeous, not your average, sparkly French mani!

As different angles change, the rhinestones shift from purple, blue, green & yellow. I just couldn't capture the colors but on this macro above, isn't it just purdy?! I chose to use nail glue here and no top coat over the rhinestones. I didn't want to dull it's sparkly-ness. LOL!

Digital Nails is SO gorgeous when you have the right lighting! It's SO amazing.. I still have these on my nails and I just can't find the ballz to take them off. HOW COULD I?!

Full shot of the manicure with the rhinestones from bornprettystore.com - item: #16674 accents on the middle and ring finger nails.

Just an upclose macro shots of the three items I had the privilege to review..

Do not forget to use my 10% off code (RAEQ10) shown above at the end of your checkout from bornprettystore.com!

Happy paintings and Happy shopping!

Sincerely with Love,

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Born Pretty Store: #16680 review featuring Drip Drop Nail Paint

Hi ladies and gentlemen!
 On this blog, I'm featuring Drip Drop Nail Paint "A'Hoye Matey" that was give to me from Amy Hoye herself with her friends when i received an epic nail mail from those three lovely ladies. Hence, the name of the indie polish color has the first initial letter in her first name along with her last name on it! How friggin' awesome and cool is that?! I absolutely love it! The swatch above has 2 lovely thin but oh so creamy and opaque coats alone with Seche Vite top coat. It was such a foggy morning, I couldn't capture it's true beauty in this photo. Not only will I be featuring this beautiful blue with a subtle hint of holo in it due to suck weather.. I have a review on my first review item from bornprettystore.com!

My first Born Pretty Store item #16680 to review for bornprettystore.com are these little gold studs in size 1mm. They came in with 100 studs. Studs shown above on the photo are on my index, ring an pinky nails. My personal review on these little studs is that when I had applied a thin layer of nail glue over the blue base, I was shocked that the nail glue itself didn't rub off any of the gold coating off from the stud. I personally did not use a top coat over the stud because I find it to have a thick , unpleasant finished look over the studs.

Over all, working with these size 1mm gold nail studs was a great experience. I found them to not look too busy on the nails because of the size. I personally, enjoy using studs and rhinestones for accents on my nails. These were absolutely everything I liked about them!

If you are interested on buying these gold nail art studs. Search item #16680 on bornprettytore.com. While you're checking out, use my 10% code off (RAEQ10) from your purchase!

Happy paintings and Happy shopping on bornprettystore.com!

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