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Thursday, May 29, 2014

>>Personal Review on: Sally Hansen Color Foil Collection 'Purple Alloy'

How can one resist from buying polish when one goes to Target to buy some Anti-Coolant stuff for her vehicle? LOL.. Well, this one is from Sally Hansen called 'Purple Alloy' from the new Color Foil Collection.
I just couldn't resist not getting one to try it out. I am glad that I started out with just one and you will find out why if you decide to stay to read my own personal review on it! ;)
I've gotta say that this bottle is almost exactly the same color of the polish on my own nails. I'm impressed by that for sure!
^ Here is two coats of it on my natural nails without any base or top coat.

^A photo shot of 'Purple Alloy' in direct sunlight.

^ On my nails here, there are three coats applied. & As you can see here on my nails, the polish is wearing off even with three coats also without a base or top coat.
I honestly think that this polish isn't really worth my $6.99 but it is my favorite shade of purple indeed! I find it very metallic like rather than foil and that made me a bit disappointed. The application itself was smooth like butter, though it dried very streaky. What I've noticed about this application was that at the first application, it was more metallic though it seemed foil like. After  second or a third apply, it became more metallic and streaky. If you haven't noticed, on my index finger on the third photo above shows a more smooth finished dry, while the other three nails looked streaky. I have not idea how that happened but it was pretty disappointing. I wished the rest of the other three nails had looked like the index fingernail. Though 'Purple Alloy' only recommended a no base application and top coat as it should be worn alone. Still, this wasn't what I had expected but I did enjoy this shade of color. Oh, and one last thing! I don't like polished that dry and show the rigged, fine and imperfections on your nails. It made me a bit sad but oh well!
Let me know what are your thoughts on this one?! ;)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

》bornprettystore review on White Crystal Rhinestones #3767

I am happy to share with you all another review on some gorgeous rhinestones from bornprettystore.com that was given to me freely by the website owners themselves to review!

This product is called 144 pcs Bornpretty White Crystal Rhinestones SS10 Acryw UV Nail Art

My personal review on these gorgeous rhinestones will be a simple and short review because I simply love these! I love the fact when I used nail glue to apply it over my nails, it didn't rub off any of the color that was ln the rhinestone. Another plus is that even with a nice and generous top coat over the rhinestones and nails, its shiny, prismatic colors remained on the crystal rhinestones.

I highly recommend you this product bc even after a removal of your manicure, you can still also manage to save the rhinestones to reuse them later on! I, myself have saved over five of them and they still have their original look to them!

To order this product, if you would like to purchase it. You will need to head on over to bornprettystore.com to search for this item #3767. & With any other products that you may also purchase, don't forget to use my 10% off code: BTJ61 on your purchase towards the end of your checkout! Another bonus is that its free shipping and handling international/worldwide!

I hope you enjoyed my blog and review on this product! I surely, enjoyed reviewing their products!

💜 Mai



Monday, May 19, 2014

》bornprettystore.com review on French Manicure Edge Tip Guides Strips

1pc Prefect French Manicure Edge Tip Guides Strip Nail Art Toes
Product # 6542
Here's my long overdue review on bornprettystore.com's product! These are called French Manicure Edge Tip Guide Strips, they can be used on a manicure for more natural look that can be worn to weddings & even if you're not the type to wear a more intricate detailed nail art on your nails, these nail tip strip guides are for you! So simple, all you have to do is have clean nails from oils and lotions so these nail tip guides can help stick on to your nails.

My personal review on this product is that I personally love it. I honestly find it not easy to free hand a French manicure because the tips would never look the same on the other nails. This French manicure edge tip nail guide helps you get the perfect French mani OR pedi!! I am very satisfied with this product bc as I peel of the sticker, it didn't leave a sticky residue over my manicure! I love this product a lot! It definitely saves me time and if your on the go and want a simple French manicure, this product would definitely be of help for you! In less than 20 minutes, you're done!
I highly recommend you to purchase this product from bornprettystore.com!
With every purchase, you can use my check out code to reduce your total with my 10% off code: BTJ61 (& this also includes free shipping and handling international!)
Happy shopping and happy painting every one!!
 Mai
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(First, apply your base coat to protect your natural nails.)

 Secondly, apply your base color. (If you want a more bold look like how I had done for this review, anything is possible!!) You can also apply a sheer natural color for a natural look for a French manicure instead too.
^Third, either wait 4-5 minutes for the base color to dry or apply a fast drying top coat..
You can afterwards apply one of the French manicure edge tip guide strips like shown. (I had three variety of designs to choose from but I chose the one that had a light v-curve on this manicure! Its the one in the middle.)
left to right: OPI 'I Just Can't Cope-Acabana', China Glaze 'Sun Of A Peach' & 'Petal To The Metal'

Fourth step, whether or not you choose to apply a white tip with a white polish or to dab some gradient over the tip guide like how I had done shown.. Either way, I find it very nice!
Fifth step, peel off the tip guide and apply a top coat and you're done!