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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sally Hansen big peel off base coat Review

Hi ladies and gentlemen!

It has been ONE & a half months since I've blogged. I've fallen short because I only have 1 follower here. Which makes me very sad but it's ok. I'm here to pick up where I've left off.. Today's blog is my own personal review of Sally Hansen's big peel off base coat. Keep reading and you will see what I feel about this product!

First off, last night while at Target.. I walked past a new stand with the new Sally Hansen collections and saw the big peel off base coat. I was "curious" about it and purchased it at $5.99 just to see if this was any difference from Elmer's glue. I love my Sally Hansen products and come to find out about the big peel off base coat. It is a bottle of glue. I'm not surprised. I'm not too disappointed neither. I rather like how it is in the bottle with a brush. Though waiting time for it to dry completely on my nails took me rather the same amount of time as if I would have to wait for Elmer's glue to dry too. It smells just like Elmer's glue but the only pro about this product is that it is filled in a cute bottle with a brush for easy application.

Would I recommend this product to any of you?

Yes, I would recommend it because it is a life saver when you want to wear just all glitter polish. Which is a pain in the bum to remove. Even after 15 minutes, I was able to push down the nail polish starting from the cuticle area to pull off from my nails. It was amazing! Though it didn't come off in one pull like Yellow Stopper by American Classics does. But this stuff is pretty handy to have on the side if you are a nail art beginner! :)

The price for the big peel base off coat is a bit pricey for me though. I would rather get a bottle of Elmer's glue to fill in an empty polish bottle but I won't lie... This stuff is already packaged in  new bottle, which makes it easier for you to get even applications with a nice new brush versus the old bottles brush.. The old brush would be wonky and won't apply as nicely as Sally Hansen's big peel off base coat. Hence, because I would know! I tried to bottle up my own Elmer's glue with a recipe (which I don't know if I am right with the measurements, lol!) I found from Google.. It didn't work bc I believe you had to fill the empty polish bottle with half glue and 1/4 water but it diluted my glue too much. Which didn't work for me. Sally Hansen's worked better. Another note, girls used Elmer's glue to apply around the cuticle areas to help make clean up an easier task. That technique didn't work for me at all. Same with Sally Hansen big peel base coat, It dried to fast and was kinda hard to find to peel it off.
As you can see ^^ The white consistency is just like Elmer's glue. 
Plus, it smells just like glue too! Which I happen to love!

It does work great for a peel off base. It didn't damage my nails when I pulled off the nail polish, which is great!

If you decide to give this product a try, let me know what you think of it too!!

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