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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Watermelon Gradient nails

Watermelon Gradient nails for the summer time! 🌞🍉💅😎
•Hang-Ten Toes
•A Blank Canvas
•Treble Maker
•Black & white acrylic paints to create the seeds with.
••Topped with @wetnwildbeauty Matte Top Coat.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Born Pretty Store review: (4) UV Gel Polishes

Hello everyone! 

I always have such a great time reviewing fun nail art products sent to me for free from www.bornprettystore.com! I had the privilege to review 4 UV Gel Polish. One is a gold multi size glitter, sheer pink holographic gel, nude gel polish and last but not least, a purple gel polish that has a shimmery tone that is golden yellow/orange. They are all so pretty! Stay tuned for my honest opinions on these lovely gels!

Sheer Pink UV Gel Polish
item #24291 (1)
^shown above: glitter gradient over black. 2 coats over nude.^

^shown above, 2 coats of item #24291 (1)^

*As usual, always do the 1-2-3 steps to ensure a long lasting gel manicure!

1. Shape your nails.
2. Lightly buff your nail beds with a soft nail buffing block (that's good for the natural nails).
3. Cleanse your nails beds with a cleanser or just a lint-free wipe with alcohol.
4. Apply Gelish pH Bond
5. Apply Gelish Foundation & cure under LED Light
6. Apply 1-2 coats of preferred gel polish/color (cure separate times each coats)
7. Apply Gelish Top It Off (cure for 30 secs)
8. Wipe off access tacky layer with a lint-free alcohol wipe & you're done!

^macro shots to see how sparkly beautiful the holo shows over the natural nails, nude polish and black.^

^Champagne Gold multi-glitter Gel Polish item#24291 (23)^
shown above in 3 coats cure under LED Light

^Nude Gel in Matte item#23591 (11)^
shown in 2 coats (Can easily get away with just 1 coat. NICELY OPAQUE in just 1 coat but I did 2.)
I love how the nude is so beautiful in matte! Though after a day, the matte shines but I happen to not mind about that. It's beautiful both ways. The wear of the Born Pretty Store gel polishes are frigging amazing! They last pretty well for a week. I'd totally recommend this brand to anyone who is looking for some affordable, long lasting and a ton of variety of colors and glitter gels to choose from!

Another glitter gradient done with Champagne Gold glitter item#24291 (23)
shown above: Warriors Don't Wine ( Gelish Mini Kung Fu Panda 3 Collection)

Purple Shimmer Orange/Golden Yellow tone Gel Polish
item# 23733
shown above in 2 coats (cured under LED Light)
This one dries in matte as well but I forgot to take photo's of it in a matte state. 
I apologize for that but I can guarantee you that this beauty definitely looks waaay better in a glossy finish to capture it's sparkly orange and golden yellow tones!

Macro of this purple beauty in all it's glory!

I honestly don't have anything bad to say about www.bornprettystore.com
Gel Polishes. They work well. They are affordable for anyone's budget. They last long. There's over 100 of variety to choose from! There's even thermals gel polishes you can purchase from online. If you do choose to make a purchase from Born Pretty Store. Please, don't forget to use my 10% code (RAEQ10) before you checkout!! 

Happy Painting! Happy Shopping!
Have a Wonderful Weekend my loves!

<3, Mai