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Friday, January 1, 2016

BornPrettyStore Review: red UV gel nail art brush item #21978 & 1.2mm gold studs item #16680

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

I have to admit, these two products from bornprettystore.com are friggin amazing! These two are a must-have! Keep reading, I'll explain Why!!

I really enjoyed the 1.2mm gold studs. The gold color studs didn't fade as I added a top coat to seal my manicure (shown below). I had no problem with this item. The little baggie that came with the studs came in with 100 pcs. I've even used the studs on a gel manicure before and sealed the studs with the gel to cure & the gold color still shown as vibrant. It's perfect for regular polish and gel manicures.

<photo credit: bornprettystore.com>
tiny 1.2mm gold studs item #16680

<photo credit: bornprettystore.com>
red UV gel nail art brush item #21978

This UV Gel Nail Art Brush is amazing! You can pull the red cap off to top the brush to close it like how you would do with a pen.. It's compact and small enough to put inside your pocket. The bristles on the brush are a good quality. I used it on the mani I did below with gel polish. It was simple to clean with acetone and afterwards, I used cuticle oil to help preserve the bristles. I enjoy this brush so much! I'd recommend this item. Don't forget to use my 10% code off at the end of your purchase: (RAEQ10) at bornprettystore.com

(ring & pinky nails: tiny 1.2mm gold studs item #16680)
(middle nail: I used the red UV gel nail art brush item #21978 to create the cable knitted weater pattern before I cured it under the LED Light)

Nails inspired by @ninanailedit.
@joliepolish 'Light Gold' stamping polish, @wetnwildbeauty 'French White Crème', ASP gel polish 'White Hot' cable knitting done w/ @bornprettystorenailart item #21978 Red UV Gel Nail Art Brush, @londontownusa 'Murray Me', @opi_products 'Snow Globetrotter' + @bornprettystorenailart item number #16680 (tiny gold studs) topped with @londontownusa 'Instant Smudge Fix'. Please, use my bornprettystore.com 10% code off at the end of your checkout : ( RAEQ10 ).

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bornprettystore.com VIP Color Gel Polish item #22605 (11)

Hello everyone!
This review has been long overdue.. My review package came to me a month later early November. I started to review and swatch them but during the second week of November was a rough one for me. I dropped my cellphone to its death. I even lost a lot of my photo's & videos for my reviews. Sadly, I had to use my images and tutorials saved up from Instagram to post here. This particular VIP Gel Color is a beautiful one. Can't wait to show you guys what I thought about it! So, please keep reading!! 

This shade I chose is in (#11). It changes from a soft, powdery blue (when changed under warm water) to a darker shade of violet-blue (when changed under cold air and water!). It sure is a fun thermal gel polish to play with! You'll be wasting a lot of water just playing with your nails.. LOL! You're lucky if the weather is cooler outside in the winter time. You'll even save yourself some time playing with warm & cold water from turning your fingers all pruney lolol! Haha, the fresh, cold, crisped air will surely be the best way to help transition your gel manicure! It's friggin amazing stuff!! So, please sure to go check this product out if you enjoy a long lasting manicure ladies and gentlemen! 

<photo credit: bornprettystore.com>
VIP Color Gel Polish item #22605 (11)
Don't forget to use my 10% code off from the end of your checkout: (RAEQ10)


Above mani is shown in its warm state. Though at the tips of my nails, it is slightly transitioning to its cold state. I happen to love this Thermal Gel Polish in (11). It was very easy to use. It requires to use a foundation as your base before applying the gel polish itself to protect your natural nails. Though I did find it rather hard to come off after a few days wear. I liked the fact that it wasn't showing any tip wear. This mani lasted me for a week long which I really enjoyed about this product! I wish I hadn't broken my recent phone because I had my photo's all saved up just for this review. Sadly, I didn't have any photo's saved to show you the after look on my week long wear.

My How To Gel Polish Tutorial:

1) Clean/apply your nail beds with Alcohol wipe or Bonder.

2) Apply a thin layer of Foundation @gelishmini. & Cure it for 30secs in the LED light.

3) Apply VIP shellac color & cure it for 30secs.

4) Apply a second coat to make the shellac color pop out more if it's sheer like mines. & Cure it for another 30secs. 
5) Apply Top It Off @gelishmini to deal your color for a long lasting shellac/gel manicure. & Cure it for a minute.

6) Wipe the top of your nails with a lint free alcohol prep wipe. & Your done! 
Wah~lah! Now, you can enjoy a beautiful gel mani that will last you for a couple of weeks! I'm so in love with this VIP shellac color in no.10 (item #22605) from @bornprettystorenailart! If you decide to grab this one, be sure to check the other 18 thermal VIP shellacs they have available. They're super easy to work with & ALWAYS use a foundation or a base gel before applying the color to protect your natural nails!

Enjoy this mini video of the transitioning states!

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