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Monday, September 29, 2014

Bornprettystore.com review: Calligraphy brush item #5273Bornprettystore.com

Today, I have for you guys my second review on item #: 5273 from bornprettystore.com On this calligraphy brush that I had picked to review. I was ecstatic to give this one a try!

My personal review on this product was that it wasn't a hard brush to begin with. Though when I had dipped the brush in some water so I could begin painting with my acrylic paints. I had noticed that the strokes were very easy to make when you slightly stroke because it was so soft to handle. The lighter strokes I made, the tinier lines I had gotten from the brush.

I absolutely enjoyed my results of this floral design that was inspired by @kgrdnr from instagram! I thought this brush gave my flowers a soft, subtle look because of the soft bristles. Would I recommend this brush? Yes, I would recommend this brush for those who write in calligraphy or preferably any other type of art. I would also recommend this brush to more intermediate artists because this brush could be a bit harder to control with for those who are beginners. 

If you're interested on getting this item. Search for this item with the number #: 5273 at bornprettystore.com & I also have a 10% off code (RAEQ10) that you can use at end of your checkout! 

I hope you enjoyed this review of mine! Happy shopping & definitely happy paintings ladies and gentlemen!

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^^Item: #5273^^

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bornprettystore.com review item#15085

Tonight, I have my first bornprettystore.com review up! This neon loose glitter is #15085 on the website in case you're interested on this item!

This item is so absolutely adorable! I live how bright and colorful these are. Especially, with two sizes of the glitters which made it look so adorable! I found it easy to pick when I was applying it on my nails. It wasn't too thin nor too thick (i.e.: show bumps of thickness of the glitter cuts after it dried) when I applied them to my nails. It also didn't bleed out the neon colors onto my nails after I had applied a generous amount of Seche Vite too seal three nail art.

If you're interested on getting this item: #15085 from http://bornprettystore.com, be sure to use my 10% of code: (RAQE10) at your checkout! I love how bornprettystore has free worldwide shopping! Go check it out right now!

Happy paintings and happy shopping!

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Dupes? (OPI, WetNWild & Pure Ice)

Dupes? What do I think? 😊

I thought I found 2 dupes that looked like OPI 'Last Friday Night'. Here's the crazy thing, from the looks of it from the bottle, they look pretty similar. So, I took macros of the three bottles for an closer look. What do I think now??

Photos: (OPI 'Last Friday Night', WetNWild Mega Last 'Up In The Air' & Pure Ice 'Sparkling Seas')

OPI 'Last Friday Night' has much more bigger flakes of hex glitters but in a more pink-er & sparkly-er shade, while WetNWild 'Up In The Air' has smaller hex glitters while both bottles also contained a great amount of mixture size glitters. Pure Ice 'Sparkling Seas' has a blue-r crelly base as I had applied 2 coats but with the same amount of smaller + mixture of hex glitters just like WetNWild has. 
The three bottles are pretty obvious to the eyes as to when you look at the bottles until I used my macro lens to take a closer look of it to get a closer view of the polishes. For the sampling of each polish on my nails, they turned out pretty similar in comparison for OPI & WetNWild. Only difference is that for the WetNWild, I had to apply three coats to get the same opaque coat for OPI. Nonetheless, I think they're pretty close, I think!

Other than for the Pure Ice, I already knew that it would be very different in comparison to the first two. I thought it would be nice to just compare it bc of the similar glitters. I know that there is another polish that is also a dupe for 'Last Friday Night' but made by Sinful Colors Professional called 'Hottie' but I do not own that one. But I will have to agree with @pleasedtopleaseyou that that one is also a great dupe to compare with OPI!!

Let me know what you think of these!! I had fun playing with them. I must say.... I found another couple that are dupes for each other too! That one will come shortly after! Eek! I'm excited to share that one with you guys too!!! 😊😜

Thanks for reading guys!

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