"Night time is the right time for manicures." -- Mai K.

Monday, June 30, 2014

>> 2 HRS left til I close my giveaway!! #mpn3300giveaway

Hi, ladies and gentlemen!

I have had a giveaway for over a little month ago. Tonight is he last couple of hours til I officially close my giveaway at 12 midnight Central Time. 

If anyone is still interested on entering my giveaway, head on over to my instagram account to find the original post. It will be under hash tag(s): #mpn3300giveaway and #mpn3300giveawayrules 

This is just a quick update on my giveaway so, I haven't had time to repost every prize here on my blog tonight. To make things better, I do have a full blog on my giveaway here on my blog! Head on over to check it out! I have some nice goodies in there!! 

Good luck, Happy Paintings and Good Night!

- Mai

Friday, June 13, 2014

Have You Entered In My Giveaway? >> Ends on: 06/30 @ 12am (CT.)

Hi, guys!
🎈 Help me πŸŽ‰ celebrate πŸŽ‰ my 3,300 followers giveaway on Instagram! 🎈
πŸ’… If you haven't you entered in my giveaway yet.. I just wanted to remind everyone that it doesn't end til June 30th at 12 midnight Central Time! 》Hash tag is: πŸ‘‰ #mpn3300giveaway where you can  read the rules!!《 AND why not tag 3 friends who would love to enter too!! 😊
Here are the basic rules to my giveaway:
Prizes include:
🌟ZOYA 'Tomoko'
🌟6 jelly caviar beads
🌟1pk of 10pc acrylic 3D rose flowers
🌟1 pair of tweezers
🌟1 mini Seche Vite fast drying top coat
🌟1 nail art brush
🌟1 pk of 5 double sided dotting tools
🌟1 container of rhinestones
🌟1 WetnWild Natural Blend 'Spice' Lip Shimmer
1▫ Must be following me @mai.painted.nails. If you follow just to get free stuff & unfollow later, you will be blocked from all future giveaways & contests.
2▫ Must repost 1 photo of my manicure that you like most. It will be your entry! Tag me @mai.painted.nails & use the hashtag #mpn3300giveaway (do NOT photo tag me!!)
3▫ 18 & up only. If you are under 18, I will accept a DM on instagram with your parent or guardians consent with an OK. (that's IF you win the giveaway, I will then need approval for getting an address to send the prizes to you.)
4▫ US only. Sorry international ladies! I will have another giveaway in the near future open to you ladies!
5▫ Your profile must be public so that I can see your entry.
6▫ Only one entry per person.
7▫ No giveaway accounts. It must be an account that you actively use.
8▫Not following the rules WILL disqualify your entry. (PLEASE, READ & FOLLOW THE RULES!)
9◽Also I WILL NOT be assigning entry numbers. If I like your photo, that means I've counted your entry.
& One last thing, NO drama otherwise you will be disqualified. A random winner will be chosen via random.org. Giveaway ends on 6/30/2014 @ 12am Central Time.  😊Thank you & Good luck!! 😊
πŸ’œ Mai

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mai Nail Art Journey. (2012-present)

Hi, ladies and gentlemen! I just wanted to share with you all my nail art journey.. (sorry for this long post but I have come along way!!) To those who feel as if they're not good at nail art, there is hope with tons of free time for nail art to practice! 

I have 3 little boys & I always have my hands full.. If you can find any free time to do your nails, a little practice goes a long way! 

^^This was one of my many 1st manicures done in 2012 (hence, the awkward hand pose!! LOL!) 

^^I was proud of my 1st nail art entry to my 1st nail art contest (which I didn't make finalist. & It broke my heart but I kept trying again for other nail art contests.) 

^^The Barenstein Bears was my very few contest entries that I had done & won my very 1st nail art contest! The 90's themed contest was hosted by my lovely beesh @nailslikelace. (Funny how we became friends afterwards! I was so shocked bc she is such a talented lady!!)

^^2nd picture to the left on the mini collage above was a mani that I recreated by the talented @rinoa1107. Bory loved my entry of the Sugar Bunnies for my first nail art contest so much, she asked me to recreate any one of her awesome mani's & I picked out this one. It was a lot harder than I thought to recreate something from another talented artist bc HELLO!! My nails were so extremely nub short & I used a bad brush & a kabob pick as a dotting tool I had owned! I was nervous.. LOL! But, Anything is possible!

^^Snow White, a bitten poisoned apple, a purple flower for the nature she was surrounded by, plus, a blue bird as well! & Last but not least, a diamond.. This was done with new nail art brushes that I had purchased & boy was I excited that I painted these on my nails (almost) so perfectly. This was when I didn't even know what a clean up brush was!! Cuticle areas were a hot mess but I didn't notice it then! LOL! I was very proud of this one for sure!!

^^Last but not least, bottom right corner photo is of a lemonade manicure I had done for a monthly nail art challenge. I have got to say since after the Barenstein Bears, my nails then have grown so beautifully & long. I miss my nails that length.. Now, they're shorter than usual but at a comfortable length.. I am content. ALL in all.. when I look at my nail art journey, from 1st day to present and recent.. I have to say, my nail art seemed as if they were done on a different person rather than done on my own nails. Throughout the entire journey of nail also changing my nail shape, those were the most hard times for me. Though I have had so many free time on my hands, painting my nails was a time for me to paint them = practice. I've come a long way since 2012. Now, that its the year 2014, my nail art has progressed! I'm proud of myself! 

If you feel that you can't paint your nails, just a reminder: it takes a lot of patience, a good nail art brush, love & practice! Don't give up! Every chance you get a free time, do your nails!! Feel inspired by other nail artists to do your own! That's how I found my inspiration! 

This blog became more of a journal than a nail art blog "BLOG" but its OK! I wanted to help inspire you!