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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

☆Born Pretty Store Review: #22605 (9) 10ml VIP Temperature Change UV Gel Thermal

Hello, Hello!

Today's few blog reviews will be all about the items I had the privilege to review for Born Pretty Store. So much fun will be shared so please stay tuned for photos and my honest opinions!

😱 Clear/gray-to-black thermal gel 😍

▪#22605 (9) 10ml VIP Temperature Change UV Gel Thermal. Shown on photos, I applied 2 thin coats & followed the steps to create a gel manicure.

▪▪Clear/gray is in warm state. While gray to black is cold state.

The transitions of this particular gel polish is pretty dramatic & easy to capture with your phone & let alone, your eyes👀. The changes are amazing. 😱😍 *As always, I use @gelishmini Foundation & Top It Off.

If you're interested on this thermal gel polish. Be sure to search for item { #22605 }.. You can enjoy it by purchasing it at www.bornprettystore.com & use my 10% code (RAEQ1O) before you checkout!

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💜 Mai

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bright gradient + Fat Junkie Shop Nail Tattoos

I can't get enough of bright gradients & all cute things! 💗👙🌴🐋 Special thanks to @fatjunkieshop for their giveaway. I'm all over these😍adorable nail💅tattoos!

▪Rose Among Thorns
▪Sun Upon My Skin
▪Treble Maker
▪Chelsea Girl

Topped with @forever21 Love & Beauty
▪dupped holo Fairy Dust
▪@sechenails Seche Vite TC

💗Nail Tattoos from♡@fatjunkieshop💗

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Mai K.