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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mai Fashion Nails

Hi ladies and gentlemen!

Tonight's blog is about this particular picture that I found of some beautiful fashion sketches from Google. When I was on Google trying to search for some inspiration to do on my nails, this picture came up. I've had this photo saved on my cellphone for over a month now, so I can't tell you who I can or should give the proper credit to. Sadly, I can't.. But if you know who this photo belongs to, please let me know in the comment area. Thank you! :)

First and foremost, the sketches above brought back a lot of my teenage memories when I knew what I wanted to major in college. Can you guess what it was? IF you've guessed Fashion Designer, YUP. I am an artist and I can remember when I saw the first premiere of Project Runway, I fell in love and was inspired to do my own sketches of my own designs. I even left to NYC to pursue my dreams but it didn't even happen. Broke my heart bc God had other plans for me. I wish I have my sketches with me today but it's OK.. It was more of a hobby, just sketching, doodling and art for me to escape from my reality then. I am truly grateful for today, for I have 3 sons AND for I still am blessed by God to have my artistic skills to share with you all today on MAI (my) nails! I couldn't be any happier to show it through my nail art!! EEEKS!!! lol

My favorite nail art brushes used on this manicure can be found below by link:
instagram.com/stylishnailartshop - 15 Edinburgh Realism Grace
instagram.com/joliepolish - Clean up brush with dotting tool
instagram.com/whatsupnails - Pure Color NO.9
Sally's Beauty Supply Store - #306 


^ I was SO shocked that I actually fit all 10 gowns on my 4 nails! ARE YOU?! lol, I even have macros for you to check out the messy, artistic details of my hand painted gowns with glitters! ^

I used over 10 nail polishes to create this entire manicure.. I can't even give you any names.. BUT 1 thing, most importantly is that I used the equal amount of China Glaze and OPI polishes.

^ My FAVE nail of the 3 gowns.. OH, and the awesome gorgeous various sized holo hex glitters were picked out are from Emily De Molly's 'Dark Forces' to place them on my nail. How gorgeous are the glitters?! I'm still droolin' over dem babies!! ^ 

^ OPI 'Love.Angel.Music.Baby' over 'Pompeii Purple' & a China Glaze 'Liquid Leather' for the top is super gorge.. ^

^ The gown reminds me of a gown or a certain color and style that Audrey Hepburn would wear! SO CUTE, whomever sketched the drawings of the gowns is a beautiful artist. I'm in love with their sketches! ^

^ Another up close angle.. ^

^ Another gown, the black one with the stripes look like an Audrey Hepburn style too! ^

I am excited to share this inspiration that I found from Google. It brought back some good memories and I can still even paint them.. ON MY NAILS THO!! lol, The tiniest canvases but I am happy that this person brought me to do this so I can share with you all this tiny story about myself. I hope you all enjoyed my blog tonight. Wish you all a good night and sweet dreams Mai Loves!!

<3, Mai

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Neon rainbow gradient + striping tape mani

Hey-lo!! This afternoon, I have for you guys a mani I had shared over the weekend of my neon rainbow gradient that I had done with a sponge. I used all China Glaze products; Highlight Of My Summer, Love's A Beach, Sun Of A Peach and Fairy Dust on this creation.

The base was originally suppose to be a random pattern of the neon rainbow sponged gradient but as I was doing my nails, I was literally knocking out.. lol I also had planned to use Sassy Cats Lacquer's Kitty Kaps {a liquid latex} to help minimize clean up from doing mani's like a gradient, ombre or even glitter gradients OR oh yeah.. Watermarbling <-- something I don't do!! I apparently wasn't thinking clearly that day that I did the gradient without Kitty Kaps.. It was a quick clean u with a clean up brush.. I was surprised!! LOL!! I did remember to use Kitty Kaps for the 2nd gradient that done with striping tape AND to my experience with it,, It is such a wonderful product! Below, I will have photo's of the product used around my cuticles! Go check Mora's instagram account: instagram.com/sassycatslacquer for her latest indie polish and liquid latex called Kitty Kaps. It comes in 3-4 colors that you can choose from. It's more affordable in my honest opinion and I love how vibrant the teal one that I chose looks in real life!! If you are allergic to latex, I'm pretty sure there are other sites that you can search for and can buy from also. When you click on the link above to her instagram account, she has a link that will lead you to her shop!

Lastly, on Sunday, I decided to add another gradient on top the previous one BUT with striping nail tape. I found inspiration from So Nailicious on instagram when they shared a pictorial on their website. I remember I had done one last year in neon polishes and a holo before that I LOVED SO MUCH. I'm glad I did it again trying So Nailicous' technique bc I think this one turned out great also!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these mani's! Have a Happy rest of Monday and the rest of the weeeeeeeek ladies and gentlmen!

:D Mai

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'Negative Space Nails'
inspired by: So_Nailicious on instagram

^When I was so tired, I completely forgot to use my 'Kitty Kaps'
before I had done the neon sponging!! LOL^

Here^ I remembered to use my
Sassy Cats Lacquer
'Kitty Kaps'
before I did the negative space nails.

DAM Nail Polish (my personal review)

Hi ladies and gentlemen!

It has been a month since I have blogged. This one has been a week long overdue.. Today's blog is a personal review of DAM Nail Polish's 'Dear Fucshia Husband'. DAM Nail Polish did not ask me to review or swatch their indie polish. It is just 1 polish that I had personally liked bc its a thermal with glitters. I loved it so much to want to blog it. I have finally the time to blog since the blogger app on my cellphone keeps crashing. I am glad that I can even get a decent wifi signal to write this right now!! Anyway, You're not going to wanna pass up on this one! Lol, this one is the only one I grabbed up from the shop but I am in 💖💜💖 love!!! I know you will love it too!
I used 3 coats of 'Dear Fuchsia Husband' over my natural nails, plus with my all time favorite Seche Vite top coat. This pink (when warm) & purple (when cold) is an amazing polish! It is so vibrant and the colors are uber cute bc of the glitter! I love it, I couldn't stop playing with the water! Lol, I'm glad I don't have anyone to stop me from playing with the water bc I am my own BO$$. Lolol.. Im still a big kid at ❤! 😄
If you are interested in this polish, head over to DAM Nail Polish on instagram.com/dam_nails. She has a link that brings you straight to her etsy shop. She has a few more polishes that you will not want to pass up. I know I regret passing the other ones up... 😟 but I know one thing for sure, I will be purchasing more from her in the future! 😊 💕
Wishing you all a Happy Friday loves!!
🌹, Mai