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Friday, October 14, 2016

Born Pretty Store review #33966 Ice Cream Water Nail Decals

Why hello!!
No matter how the weather is changing today.. These ice cream water nail decals will fit for both your nail style & ice cream cravings AND obsession!

Aren't these just adorable?! I'm in love with how easy these are easy to use.
I do apologize that I do not have it shown or taken photos in step by step but all you do it pretty simple. There's directions on how to use these on the back of the package, which is Awesome!

If you are craving for these use water nail decals, simply use the link down below to go search for the item.

Item #33966 
Ice Cream Water Nail Decals

Here are some yummy macros for your eyes to gobble up! So adorable-y sa-weeet!

Down below has the 2 sets of ice cream water nail decals along with the item product number.

The second set of ice cream sundaes water nail decals are also fantabulously sweet too, aren't they?

I love how macros can simply let you see how every detail looks. These ice cream decals are so cute.

These decals all come clear with the colored printed ice cream cones and sundaes. All you'll need to do it apply a base color on your nails. Cut out the decals and dip them into water for a few seconds. Slide them out like a film and place over nails. Do your usual clean up with your brush and seal it with a top coat for a long lasting manicure.

It's as simple as that! I enjoy these cute nail decals. If you fancy these, search them under item number 33966. Use and enjoy a 10% code off (RAEQ10) at the end of your checkout!

Much love and Happy Paintings!
- Mai

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