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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Born Pretty Store review: Palm Leaves water nail art decals #33971

Hello! Thank goodness tonight is Thursday. 
The weather here in the Upper Midwest is still beautiful in the sixties and the awesomeness seventies! This manicure is perfect for this type of weather in November since it is still pretty springy like here.

Palm Leaves water nail art decals #33971
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^^ These water nail decals come clear with a white paperback that you pull off from. So, you will definitely need to paint your nail beds with a nail polish or simply create a gradient like I did. Even a glittery base would look fab with these palm trees and leaves.. Don't you agree too?^^

^^From top left to the right & bottom left to right (step 1-4): 
You'll first need to cut the water decal rounded top to fit your nail shape.
Secondly, dip 'em into a cup of H2O.
Thirdly, Take off the decal by softly sliding it off the white paperback.
Last but not least, place it on your nail bed; clean up the access decal with your cleanup brush with some pure acetone. I use pure acetone bc it's a stronger clean up solution and works way much quicker than plain old acetone. Obviously, don't forget to apply a coat of top coat.

Macros of the palm leaves and chevrons in MATTE and the chevron one is left shiny bc shiny is pretty too!

The first two of the jungly red and viney decals are shown in shiny top coat and matte. I find it both pretty with different top coats. Either or show a pop of color and the other is left with a smooth matte finish which shows it in a softer finished look. Which one is your favorite?!^^

I found the top coats sort of ruin the water decals, which makes me utterly sad.. lol, My heart would flutter bc I'm a gal that does not like oopsies on a mani. But these decals are so fun and easy to work with nonetheless! I suggest that you'd apply a generous amount of top coat to protect the decal and gently apply it. I, however applied it quite soft but not gentle enough.. So, this explains why the decals easily melted away with the top coat.

If you are interested of these cute and easy water nail decals. Check them out at www.bornpretttystore.com with item #33971.

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