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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Born Pretty Store review: #34555 Nail Art DIY Stamping Mat

Born Pretty Store review: #34555 Nail Art DIY Stamping Mat

Hi guys!
I must admit that this little guy in this adorable tube is so Perfect!
It's what I have been looking for!!
This item is made of silicone. It is foldable, washable and thus far.. I am amazed and in love with this product! Keep reading to hear more of my thoughts on this baby!

LOVE how this tube keeps the silicone mat safe from dust or just from getting destroyed!
it's small, compact and very sturdy too.

The full look and layout the silicone mat.
It is so soft and when it rolls out on the flat surface, it completely stays flat on the table or surface easily for you to do stamping nail art or even free hand nail art.

In October, I chose to create a Halloween Mickey Mouse manicure on the mat.
It's so exciting to finally not have to create such intricate or intermediate free hand nail art over wax, parchement OR a ziploc baggie!! This baby works amazing! It is flexible to pick up and easily remove the nail art. I'm amazed at this thing.. Probably the best thing for a nail artist to have. It's a Must-Have.

Check out Mickey Mouse nail art that I created on the silicone mat right one mah nailz!
Amazing, right?! LOL

^^ Believe it or not, I tried to create Aurora "Sleeping Beauty" (right) but whatever.. LOL!
It's obvious that I kept the Evil Queen.. HAHAHA!

The Evil Queen was not the easiest to create but with the help from my thin nail art brushes and the lovely silicone mat. Took me 45 minutes to create it but this was probably one of the best pieces compared to Mickey Mouse up there, Of course!

Again, this silicone mat is a Must-Have.
Go get yourself one NOW.

& search for product number #34555

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PLUS, as always..

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