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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Born Pretty Store review: #33947 Black Flower Nail Art Water Decals (BPY11)

Born Pretty Store review: #33947 Black Flower Nail Art Water Decals (BPY11)

Is it stamping nail art? Is it water nail decals?

Unlike any tattoo.. This product is just like one! This is called a water nail art decal.
It is super easy to work with. All you need is a scissor, a cup of water and a colored nail bed & this water nail decal.

I love these water nail art decals from @bornprettystorenailart. There's so many cute ones to choose from! 😁 So easy, versatile & fun to use! There's no wrong way to use them! Check them out with this ( style: BPY11 & item #33947 )
1) Prep the nail & apply your favorite base coat.
2) Apply a polish of your choice as your base.
3) Pick out a nail art decal design & cut it fit your nail shape.
4) Dip it into a cup of water for 10+ seconds.
5) It should easily slip off the back of the white paper like a piece of film.
6) Place it over your nail.
7) Clean around your nail & edges with a clean up brush with some acetone.
8) Apply a top coat to seal your water nail decal.
9) Freehand a black French nail tip by swooping it from whichever side of the edge of your nail to the middle.
10) Bring the other side with your nail polish brush to connect & finish the French nail tip.
**Last but not least, add another coat of Top Coat to seal your manicure for a long lasting mani! 💪😁💟

I created a black French manicure to pair with this black floral water decal. These are versatile to work with over any type of base color. I like how this mauve-nude base is sexy with this black floral decal.

To achieve the best manicure with these pretty floral decals. Be sure to softly sweep the top coat over the decals. If you do it with pressure, it will definitely pick up the decals with your top coat brush.
As you could tell, the first photo up top shows the ring fingernail has been swept with the top coat. So, then I had thought to create the Black French Manicure. I find it just as nice with or with the black tips.

These are so much fun to work with! These would look superb over a pastel gradient or a glittery base too. It's very versatile.

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