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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Born Pretty Store review Shining Mermaid Glitter Pigment 💜(PURPLE)

OMGOSH, was I satisfied with this Purple Mermaid Pigment Glitters!
Seriously, check it out at bornprettystore.com under item number #31700.

I chose to use the purple pigment glitters over a deep wine purple by Gelish in Warriors Don't Wine 
and a Lavendar one step gel color. It's so pretty over these two colors, don't you think?!

This beautiful Purple bag of shining mirror mermaid nail glitter comes in a thin 10 ounce bag.
A little definitely goes a long way! It's so pretty yet not the finest glitters that you see and know. But most definitely the prettiest after a complete manicure!

This purple shining mirror mermaid nail glitter chrome pigment glitters #31700 
shifts in purple, green and blue. SO PRETTY!!

This macro shows a subtle opal glare and shift over the lavendar.

To the eyes, Over this wine color.. It shifts in yellow and green!

As you turn your hands and nails, the shift is endlessly beautiful!

This glitter can be used over any other color nail polish. You can use this product over regular nail polish or gel polish. On this manicure, I used it over gel polishes. Lavender is a one step gel polish and the wine gel has a sticky residue after getting cured under the LED Light.

So gorgeous! I cannot wait to pair this Purple pigment glitters over a black or a hot pink!!

Before I forget, go check out bornprettystore.com and buy this item number: #31700. This product has about 4-5 colors to choose from.

Don't forget to use my 10% code: (RAEQ10) at the end of your bornprettystore.com checkout!

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