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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Born Pretty Store review #30898 Shining Mirror (gold & silver) Chrome Pigment

Born Pretty Store review  #30898 Shining Mirror (gold & silver) Chrome Pigment

I've had this opportunity to try out this gold and silver chrome pigments sent from bornprettystore.com

Hear my thoughts on these two pretty chromes!!

I painted my nails with regular polishes:
OPI Got The Blues For Red
ZOYA Hunter
and topped it with Miracle Gel Top Coat from Sally Hansen & gently rubbed over my nails with the gold chrome pigment. It gave the maroon and green nail polish a subtle shift of gold. I find it so soft and so pretty because it is not shiny to the eyes as the silver chrome gives you. I really like this gold pigment because it was not hard to use at all. I found very little amount goes a long way. All you need to do is gently rub it with your finger tips gently to get a soft and subtle gold chrome look.

^^stamping plate: BP-L011 #19366 shown over the gold chrome pigments.
1. Gold Chrome Pigment over the maroon and green to show its natural state.
2. Shiny top coat was added to give and show the shine for the gold pigment. Its so pretty!
3. Matte top coat over the gold pigment and it still shows the subtle gold pigment!

I love how versatile and easy it can look and still the gold chrome pigment still shines through! It's pure beauty and so amazingly easy to work with. With or without a eye makeup tool. Your fingertips even make it look effortless!!!

I decided to not show the typical and common silver chrome look that's already been done. I wanted to show how it can look great on a grungy type of look. I think I achieved this look. I was satisfied with it and c'mon!! The easiest to work with. 

Macro's for the eyes to take in... It's so pretty up close!

I've had the time to research on how to achieve the best look for these chromes. 
I found that the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat or the Gel colors from the collection works best with the chromes. I also found just using regular old gel can work just as fine as regular nail polish. It's just the one step gel that didn't really work out for me as to what I've read that had worked for others. I topped with all the manicures with the Seal Coat Gel that came with the products.

If you choose to buy this product. Don't forget to use my 10% code: (RAEQ10) at the end of your bornprettystore.com checkout. 

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